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Explore the world of coffee, try the variety of tastes and pick your favourite one. ama capsule comes in the comfort of your home, in your coffee break, at the office or any different place, just with the touch of a button. Visit our website to discover more about ama capsule.

More taste and flavour in every single drop.

upper filter

The upper filter ensures even dispersal of water amidst the ingredients of coffee.


Premium is the express coffee for the real coffee connoisseurs. Strong flavoured coffee from the central region of South America with a balanced aroma which differs immediately upon taste.


The filter ensures maximum output and intense coffee.


Hermetic sealing, stored in an inert gas, preserves the exact scent and taste of the newly ground coffee.

ama cylinder
New elegant packing

ama capsule, offers a special coffee to coffee lovers and connoisseurs. Its mixtures were made by expert hands, that treat every coffee bean with delicacy and greater attention. The delicacy of the ama capsule in 7 different flavors comes in an elegant and sophisticated shape, with cylinder packaging. Each package contains 10 capsules. 7 identify colours with the outside of the packaging.

New design

Stylish design meets the simplicity of use. Colours renewed and up to date plus the automatic portioning of the drinks.

Easy to use

With a few simple gestures in just seconds you have the perfect espresso.


Small and easy to use. It fits to any décor of any kitchen thanks to the different colours of panel.


The size and features allow intensive daily use satisfying the needs of offices’ staff. Important features are the large water tank and the capacity of the capsule drawer.


Modern design meets simplicity of use. To the fashion modelling in new colours is added the automatic increase of dosage. With a simple action you achieve the perfect drink.


The features of this espresso are simplicity of use and design. With automatic sharing of drinks and capsules large drawer that allows you to prepare coffee and other beverages perfect with a simple action.

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